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Business Planning

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Business Planning for the Company

Products & Services

Provided as part of the Acquisition Manual for the Company is information on the research products and software tools for Business Planning for company acquisition and investment projects. You need to install this software on your computer, it cannot be run from the product DVD. Before you install the software you should spend a few minutes scanning this Business Planning web to orientate yourself with the Business Planning product and how it works.

The Business Planning Resources give users market research specific to the proposed markets, a business plan generator, marketing and financial planning tools, company start-up methodology and, where necessary, the corporate research on competitors and investment or acquisition targets. In addition the users have access to a range of supporting services to assist them in reaching their goals.

Investors, entrepreneurs, and those interested in the acquisition, establishing and running of a business will find this Business Planning Resource indispensable. In this one simple and cost effective package there is a complete and comprehensive answer to all your business research, corporate planning and company management questions.

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